Monaco (2014)

A glimpse of Spain. Most of the photos were taken in Seville’s Plaza de Espanya and the beautiful city of Cordova.

Pretty much sums up our two-day tour in Portugal, consisting of Cabo de Roca, Lisbon, Obidos, Nazare and Fatima. :)


Panoramas in Europaaa
Seville’s Bullfighting Arena, Toledo panoramic view, Monaco and Montecarlo, InterContinental Marseille

I love anything to do with the violin. Started and finished this one in a day :)

My favorite from the Phoenix Wright series :)

My last painting for 2013. This may or may not reflect my thoughts, feelings and experiences throughout the year. 2013 was a really rough year for me. It had the days where I was at the lowest points of my life, from my first heart break, to the loss of who I consider my second mom and even a dear friend, to studying for CETs, to so much misunderstandings and lost frienships. I’ve learned a lot of things this year, and it changed my view on a lot of things, too. I’m hoping to leave all the negativity in this year and welcome 2014! 

India Christmas Break Trip (Part 1)


For our Christmas Break, my parents decided that we should go to India and spend Christmas there since they wanted us to see the Taj Mahal and since my older sister was going to attend an Indian wedding of a friend.